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Lancashire County Council
Date Posted
21st June 2018
Health & Social Care
Inside IR35
£16 to £20 Per Hour

Lancashire County Council

Job description for the post of: Qualified Social Worker

Directorate: Children and Young People, Children's Social Care


Lancashire County Council  

Establishment or team:

Children's Assessment and Support  

Team (CAST) / Children Looked After  

Support Team (CLAST)  

Post number:



8/9 SCP 31-41 bar 36

Line manager:




Car user:



responsibility: none

Number of staff directly supervised: n/a

Which business plan covers this post? Children and Young People

Core Purpose

Making Lancashire a place where everyone matters. A place where everyone can enjoy equal and quality life chances and be respected in their communities.

Corporate Objectives

Lancashire a place where people can

  • Feel safe
  • Lead healthy lives
  • Get help if they need it
  • Learn and develop
  • Work and prosper
  • Travel easily and safely
  • Enjoy a high quality environment  

The purpose of this job is:

To ensure the requirements relating to Children and Young People's needs, including those who may be in need (including those in need of protection) or may be Looked After are met

To carry out the statutory obligations of the Directorate as part of the Local Childrens Authority and in the context of central government guidelines

To deliver and promote the positive benefits of equality and diversity in carrying out all duties and responsibilities.

To undertake and provide the social work assessment and support for referrals and requests for further assessment accepted by Children's Social Care and to provide any ongoing social work service based on the assessed need of Children, Young People and their families.

To provide a safe, thorough and professional social work response to professionals and members of the public; deal with all enquiries expediently and according to a common agreed LCC safeguarding threshhold.

Core tasks

To ensure in liaison and negotiation with professional partners, the best possible outcomes for children, young people and families.

Within a social work team to manage an allocated social work caseload relating to children, young people and families within the locality, including child protection and court work.

Prepare for, and participate in, planned work relating to court and court orders effectively and within appropriate time scales.

To undertake assessments  in accordance with the timescales laid down in the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families.

To Identify children in need who may also be in need of protection and to effectively safeguard  them.

To assess the needs of children and young people and then determine an appropriate level of intervention and service provision including packages of family support.  

In gathering information for referrals to assist in the determination of whether there is a need for intervention within the continuum of need and a referral recorded with Children's Social Care.

To ensure the needs and wishes of children are fully addressed in the assessment and planning process and that there is evidence of children and young people's participation.

When required to share responsibility for planned intervention and service provision with partner agencies.

When required take part in formal case reviews which will include the full range of statutory meetings and other planning meetings as necessary.

To comply with the Directorates administrative and financial procedures including the maintenance of appropriate and up to date records.

Make full use of IT and computer systems utilised by the Directorate as and when required. To attend and fully contribute to, the supervision process, professional development and appraisal,and attend in house and /or external training opportunities.

Be aware and responsive to, the differing needs of all groups within the community.

Be responsible for continued self learning and an updated knowledge of legislation, guidance and research findings in the relevant field of work with children, young people and families.

Negotiate,coordinate, and provide and/or commision services as appropriate,where the need for those services have been agreed.

Undertake any other duties in relation to this area of work including membership of the team's duty rota.

To participate fully within the CAF process.

To be fully conversant with (work within and follow) the Safeguarding procedures and protocols within Lancashire County Council To attend work regularly.

To work within guidance laid down by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). To contribute to the development of social work students.


Prepared by:





Equal opportunities

We are committed to achieving equal opportunities in the way we deliver services to the community and in our employment arrangements. We expect all employees to understand and promote this policy in their work.

Health and safety   

All employees have a responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others when carrying out their duties and must help us to apply our general statement of health and safety policy.

Safeguarding Commitment  

We are committed to protecting and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Lancashire County Council

Person specification form

Job title: Social Worker  

Grade: 8/9 SCP 31-41 bar 36

Directorate: Children and Young People

Post number:      

Establishment or team: Children's Social Care


(based on the job description)

Essential (E) or

desirable (D)

To be identified by: application form (AF),

interview (I), test (T), or other (give details)


Applicants must hold CQSW, Dipsw, Degree in Social Work or equivalent recognised qualification in Social Work.



Registration with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).















Social work experience with Children and Families



PQ 1-6



Supervision of students












Knowledge, skills and abilities



Demonstrate knowledge of child development



Skills in working effectively with children and families in varied and complex circumstances



Written and verbal communication skills



Ability to use basic computer technology



Ability to learn and understand theoretical concepts,legal frameworks and to work within policy and procedures



Ability to work as an effective team member

To be able to respond positively and effectively to children and their families , promoting 'working in partnership' at all times Ability to work in partnership with other professionals/agencies

Ability to value diversity by treating people as individuals,valuing their input and contribution To respond positively to training and development opprotunities.

Ability to work with a varied caseload and to manage timetables and demands.

Ability to use supervision positively and to contribute to the personal appraisal process.

To have knowledge of the cultures and religions of the communities of Lancashire.



















To have the ability to value diversity and work across cultures.

To have good knowledge of  relevant legislation.

Skills in assessment of children and families and developing packages of support







Other (including special requirements)

  1. Commitment to equality and diversity
  2. Commitment to health and safety
  3. Commitment to attendance at work

*Delete/amend as applicable

*This is an essential car user post  

However in certain circumstances consideration may be given to applicants who as a consequence of disability are unable to drive.











(NB Completion of this form does not fulfill the requirement to undertake a general risk assessment under the management Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999)

A Pre-employment Risk Identification Form must be completed by the Headteacher/Head of Service/Line Manager.  If any assistance is required in completing this form, please contact the Health and Safety Team.

This form must accompany the Vacancy Authorisation Form (REC1) when requesting clearance to advertise and accompany any referral to the Occupational Health Service for the preemployment medical clearance of a candidate for appointment.   CONFIDENTIAL


Children's Social Care

Post/Job title

social worker

Description of main activities the employee will be required to undertake (or attach job description)  see job description

Form completed by: (print name)  

A. The job to which this form refers will or may involve one or more of the following activities.  (Please indicate YES or NO)

Managers should note that if any of the following 10 activities are involved, there is an automatic requirement for a pre-employment assessment by Occupational Health and, possibly, for subsequent Health Surveillance.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              YES           NO

Work at heights (e.g. over 2m from tall step/extension ladders; scaffold towers,  

  1. roofwork etc).

Work in excessively noisy environments above statutory control limits (Highly  

  1. unlikely to include examples associated with any office environments.  Examples might include use of woodworking machinery, road drilling, masonry cutting etc).

Work in unusual environmental conditions (e.g. where access or egress or free  

  1. flow of air may be restricted or where there may be a build up of gases, vapours or fumes or the use of breathing apparatus is required).

Use of hand operated tools and equipment known to be associated with hand  

4       arm vibration syndrome (e.g. percussive metalworking tool; rotary handheld tool [not floor polishers]; grinders; percussive hammers and drills etc).

Driving a heavy goods vehicle, coach, bus or minibus belonging to Lancashire County Council, transporting others in their own vehicle, or regularly transporting  

  1. more than three other people as part of normal duties.

Some contact with hazardous substances (e.g. chemicals with an orange warning label indicating: very toxic; toxic; harmful; corrosive; sensitising by  

  1. inhalation/skin contact; carcinogenic; mutagenic; toxic for reproduction; professional bio/pesticides; organophosphates; gluteraldehyde; latex gloves).

Prolonged or frequent exposure to machine generated wood dust, or other  7

heavy or excessive concentrations of mineral dust.

  1. Work with lead or lead-based products (e.g. some paints).
  2. Food handling/preparation (of raw or uncooked food only).



Adult & Community Services Directorate

Children & Young People Directorate

We believe in putting people first – promoting independence, opportunity, protection and inclusion.

Our core values are:

  • Everyone is unique and should be treated with respect.
  • Working in partnership is more effective than working alone.
  • People who use our services, and their carers, should be fully involved in decisions about their lives.
  • Everyone has a right to free access to information.
  • Our services should respond to the diversity of our local communities.
  • Our workforce is our most important resource. Investing in our staff, involving them in decisions and developing flexible ways of working achieve better results for the people who use our services.

We believe we can make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people.

Our core values are:

  • the role of parents, carers and everyone who has parenting responsibilities;
  • what children, young people and their families want

to tell us;

  • the power of people working together to achieve common aims;
  • good public service;
  • the richness of our diverse communities and cultural heritage;
  • the essential contribution which education and  learning make in improving the lives of children and young people; and
  • the creative contribution made by children and young people to their communities.

Environment Directorate

Office of the Chief Executive Directorate  

Our core values are to:

  • develop and maintain safe and effective transport systems;
  • support and protect Lancashire’s people and businesses;
  • improve the quality of Lancashire’s environment and quality of life for the people of Lancashire;
  • help regenerate Lancashire’s urban and rural areas; and
  • plan a better, more sustainable future for Lancashire.

Our core values are:

  • governance;
  • corporate working;
  • partnership working;
  • community leadership; • communication; and
  • service delivery.

Resources Directorate

Our core values are to:                                                  

To help achieve these objectives, we will continue to  

develop a working environment where:

•                satisfy the council’s customers within the legal and financial restrictions placed on us;    

•                ideas flourish and participation is the norm;

  • support and develop our staff;    
  • •             communication, feedback and praise go in all
  •  • increase the extent to which we aim for,  directions;      measure and improve service performance and 
  • •             everyone contributes with the aim of achieving  

            standards;                        agreed goals, not doing only what they are told to do; council;

  • help build strategic capacity for the county             
  • processes are a framework, not a straitjacket; and
  • maintain good governance;      
  • managers are treated with respect and treat  
  • support partnership working;       everyone with respect.
  • maintain consistency across the whole of the county council;
  • understand and share the objectives of the council and its directorates, whilst acting always in the interests of the council as a whole; and
  • promote efficiency and value for money.

Directorate Core Values


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